Frequently asked questions:

Jacksonville Crib Rental – quality, clean child rental equipment delivered to your vacation rental. Call us at 904.287.1100.

Q. Where do you provide service to….

A. Our delivery area includes: Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Vilano Beach, St Augustine Beach, St Augustine and St Johns County..

Q. What is the charge for delivery/pick-up….

A. Discounted, in our local area Please input zip code in cart for rates!!!

Q.How are items cleaned?

A. Products are cleaned and disinfected after each use and before they are put in service. Most products are new

Q. How old are your items….

A. Most items are replaced every other year, some more often. This insures you get the newest and safest items for you and your family. WE ARE THE ONLY COMPANY THAT CAN SAY THIS!!!!!

Q. Do you take payment over the Internet….

A. We take payment over the internet, you can also make payment by phone or in person. Also if you have questions you get immediate answers speaking with me…the owner!!!

Q. Do I need to bring my crib linens….

A. YES!!! We do not provide linens for the crib or rollaway bed. Your rental company should provide a set of sheets/pillow/blanket for the rollaway bed*(twin size).

Q. How do you know where I am staying….

A.  We need the name of the rental company, reservation number/dates, and the name of the property/condo you are staying.

Q. What if I am renting VRBO….

A. We need the name of the rental company, reservation number/dates, and the name of the property/condo you are staying.

Q. When will my item be delivered and do I need to be there….

A. 99% of the time we get access to your condo/house before you check in. We are a trusted business and all rental agencies will provide us a key/code to access your unit.

Q. I ordered something and its not there….

A. Don’t panic! Please call us immediately. We try to have all deliveries done by 5pm but sometimes traffic can come to a stand still for awhile, thus making us late. Just remain calm and call us, we will get to you we PROMISE. Our business phone number is my cell phone and stays on 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Q. How soon should I make reservations….

A. NOW! We will make many deliveries every week in the summer and we do run out of inventory from time to time.

Q. What if I need to cancel….

A. No problem. We will immediately refund ALL of your money the same way you paid us.

Q. My vacation has special or unique needs….

A. GREAT we love a challenge!!! Seriously, if you need to make special arraignments about delivery or a pick up just let us know.

Q. How do you know where the crib goes…

A. We have rented thousands of cribs and this is the number one question. Our cribs fold for portability thus making them about 8-10 inches wide. You can put them anywhere and set them up in less than 10 seconds. NO TOOLS REQUIRED!!! If fact they are so easy we have sold numerous of them in the past. Yes they are full size, 27x52in.

Q. Do your cribs have a drop side….

A. NO.

Q. What type of payment do you take….

A. We we accept checks,  Visa,  Master Card, Discover, American Express.

Q. What if I am unhappy with the service or items….

A. No problem I will refund your money and retrieve the item.

Q. Are you licensed…

A. Yes. We are licensed .

Q. Do you offer discounts….

A. YES!!! we offer all military, Police, Firefighters, EMS, and teachers a 10% discount. Please let us know at time of ordering.

Travel Tips


Traveling with a child can be a challenging experience. Baby equipment is not tailored for the nuances of travel and often becomes cumbersome and bulky luggage. For those on flights, airlines often require you to pay surcharges for extra luggage. In addition, excessive luggage creates a longer check-in process, and more baggage to manage, in addition to your child. Loose equipment checked onto flights can lead to damage or loss. Claims with airlines are tedious to file and rarely cover the actual damage or loss.

Packing Check List for Visiting Jacksonville with Baby:

  • Car seat (or Rent at www.jaxcribrentals.com)
  • Lightweight collapsible “umbrella” stroller (or Rent at www.jaxcribrentals.com)
  • Portable crib / Playpen (or Rent at www.jaxcribrentals.com)
  • Baby Sunscreen
  • Diaper bag
  • Diapers
  • Disposable swimming diapers
  • Diaper rash ointment
  • Changing pads
  • Wipes
  • Bibs
  • Baby food & spoons
  • Bottle & nipples
  • Formula
  • Pacifiers
  • Cool clothing
  • Sleeping clothes
  • Light jacket
  • Hat
  • Bathing Suit
  • Blankets
  • Bathing toys (or Rent at www.jaxcribrentals.com)
  • Soaps & shampoos
  • First Aid Kit

Keeping kids entertained while traveling

Below are a few suggestions for items that travel easily with children. Always bring items that you can sacrifice in the event that they are lost.

  1. A Portable DVD player or iPad is always the number one attraction for children. Remember to bring several selections of DVD’s and include a set of headphones for each child, as well as a car adapter and extra batteries. This is especially important on an airplane trip. It may be to your advantage to save movie time for a moment when you really need a distraction from boredom. For older children, try a Gameboy.
  2. Bring along just one favorite blanket or toy to help children adjust to the transportation as well as the destination. Keep a close watch on the item as it can easily be lost.
  3. Make travel mealtime more exciting by bringing along snacks that the kids do not eat routinely. Colorful and fun shaped snacks are always more amusing.
  4. Resurrect a few toys that have not been used in a while and bring them with you for the flight or drive. Toys that have been neglected for a while in your home are almost as good as new toys.
  5. Books are rugged and provide lots of adventure in a small footprint.
  6. Print out coloring pages or simple games from online web sites and bring them along. Try NickJr.com, Noggin.com, or Highlights.com
  7. A Magnet board & magnets such as Magnadoodle can keep the kids entertained for some time, however, you must keep the magnets away from any computer hard drives as it will erase the content of the computer.
  8. Play-doh travels easily and is a relatively clean art project.
  9. Coloring books and crayons are always a standard. The invisible ink felt pens are also a nice option, however, you must use the specially made coloring book or paper in order for these pens to operate.
  10. Stickers and a book or notepad in which to place them are a nice addition to coloring.
  11. Colorful Bandaids can also serve as stickers in which the kids can unwrap and place on themselves – you will be surprised at how much fun this provides.
  12. There are many boards for doodling such as the Doodle Pro and Etch-a-Sketch that are self-erasing, require no loose pens or paper, and make no mess.
  13. A supply of simple, wrapped toys can be used as rewards for good behavior and given out periodically during your travel.
  14. Bring along a small piggy bank for each child. Periodically reward the kids with coins to fill the bank. They can have fun spending their earnings when you reach your destination.
  15. There are many travel game books for children with fun ideas and games to play while you are on the road.
  16. There are many flash cards like Brain Quest, and cards especially made for travel in which a child can match objects on the card with the real object during the journey (airplanes, cars, trees, road signs, etc..)
  17. Each child will enjoy their own individual backpack filled with their personal toys and entertainment. It fosters independence for the child and they will enjoy organizing it repeatedly.

Tips for Travel by Airplane

  • Children under 2 are not required to purchase a seat. However, some airlines offer a discounted ticket to children under 2, be sure to inquire with an agent before purchase.
  • If you do not purchase a ticket, try to choose a flight that will not be full. This will allow you to use an extra seat for your child. Usually these flights are midday departures that do not cater to business persons. In addition, book the aisle and window seat only – most people will not book the middle seat and you have a better chance of getting the whole row. In the event that it is booked, the passenger will surely swap for your aisle or window seat, or even move to another seat elsewhere on the plane.
  • The advantage of purchasing a seat is that you can bring your child’s infant carrier or Sit’n’Stroll and place it directly on the seat so that the child can rest comfortably. The child airports have special changing rooms for babies – make sure and seek these out. will also have a seat belt.
  • If you bring a stroller to the airport, check it in right at the gate while boarding your flight. Otherwise, travel minimally with a Bjorn or sling and rent a stroller at your destination.
  • Rent or borrow as much equipment as possible at your destination. Traveling with equipment is cumbersome. Many airlines charge extra fees for excess luggage and loose equipment on flights is more likely to get damaged or stolen.
  • Be prepared for flight delays: bring extra formula, diapers, wipes, clothing, snacks… and a DVD player!
  • Try to burn off energy with your children before you board the plane. Many airports have children play areas. Check with the airport information kiosk.
  • Seek out other children on the flight. There is nothing more amusing and time consuming for children than playing with new friends. It will make the flight much easier.
  • If you are traveling many times zones, there are natural lozenges called “No Jetlag” available at most natural food stores or online.
  • Bring along a chewy snack for the ascent and descent of the plane. It helps childrens’ ears pop and adjust to the altitude change.

Tips for Travel by Car

  • Consider the hour of departure. Travel while the children sleep. However, if you travel by evening while they are sleeping, you will arrive tired and need to sleep-in while they are perky and ready for action in the morning. If you are two adults, then one should sleep with the children and, in turn, be available in the morning to tend to the children while the driver gets rest.
  • Once again, a DVD player is a great option for car travel. It will be to your advantage to save movie time for a moment when you really need a distraction from boredom.
  • Make routine stops for bathroom breaks. Many children will not give you enough warning before they have to go and you may not make it to an exit in time. Some children may not warn you at all.
  • Locate parks and points of interest along the way that will entertain your children. Allow yourself enough time during your travel to enjoy the amusements along the way.
  • Bring children sing-along CD’s or educational CD’s – there are many available that introduce letters and numbers, as well as other educational material.
  • Rent or borrow equipment at your destination location. Most rental companies have web sites. Don’t overload your car to the point where you can no longer locate anything. You will need easy access to many items during your road trip with children.


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